Rahalkar S., Jaswal N. - Metasploit Revealed: Secrets of the Expert Pentester [2017, PDF/EPUB/MOBI, ENG] 

Metasploit Revealed: Secrets of the Expert Pentester
Год издания: 2017
Автор: Rahalkar S., Jaswal N.
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 9781788624596
Язык: Английский
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 860
Описание: Metasploit is a popular penetration testing framework that has one of the largest exploit databases around. This book will show you exactly how to prepare yourself against the attacks you will face every day by simulating real-world possibilities.
This learning path will begin by introducing you to Metasploit and its functionalities. You will learn how to set up and configure Metasploit on various platforms to create a virtual test environment. You will also get your hands on various tools and components and get hands-on experience with carrying out client-side attacks. In the next part of this learning path, you’ll develop the ability to perform testing on various services such as SCADA, databases, IoT, mobile, tablets, and many more services.
After this training, we jump into real-world sophisticated scenarios where performing penetration tests are a challenge. With real-life case studies, we take you on a journey through client-side attacks using Metasploit and various scripts built on the Metasploit framework.
The final instalment of your learning journey will be covered through a bootcamp approach. You will be able to bring together the learning together and speed up and integrate Metasploit with leading industry tools for penetration testing. You’ll finish by working on challenges based on user’s preparation and work towards solving the challenge.
The course provides you with highly practical content explaining Metasploit from the following Packt books:
- Metasploit for Beginners
- Mastering Metasploit, Second Edition
- Metasploit Bootcamp
What You Will Learn
- Get to know the absolute basics of the Metasploit framework so you have a strong foundation for advanced attacks
- Integrate and use various supporting tools to make Metasploit even more powerful and precise
- Test services such as databases, SCADA, and many more
- Attack the client side with highly advanced techniques
- Test mobile and tablet devices with Metasploit
- Understand how to Customize Metasploit modules and modify existing exploits
- Write simple yet powerful Metasploit automation scripts
- Explore steps involved in post-exploitation on Android and mobile platforms

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Table of Contents
1: Module 1
2: Introduction to Metasploit and Supporting Tools
3: Setting up Your Environment
4: Metasploit Components and Environment Configuration
5: Information Gathering with Metasploit
6: Vulnerability Hunting with Metasploit
7: Client-side Attacks with Metasploit
8: Web Application Scanning with Metasploit
9: Antivirus Evasion and Anti-Forensics
10: Cyber Attack Management with Armitage
11: Extending Metasploit and Exploit Development
12: Module 2
13: Approaching a Penetration Test Using Metasploit
14: Reinventing Metasploit
15: The Exploit Formulation Process
16: Porting Exploits
17: Testing Services with Metasploit
18: Virtual Test Grounds and Staging
19: Client-side Exploitation
20: Metasploit Extended
21: Speeding up Penetration Testing
22: Visualizing with Armitage
23: Module 3
24: Getting Started with Metasploit
25: Identifying and Scanning Targets
26: Exploitation and Gaining Access
27: Post-Exploitation with Metasploit
28: Testing Services with Metasploit
29: Fast-Paced Exploitation with Metasploit
30: Exploiting Real-World Challenges with Metasploit
31: Bibliography
32: Thanks page
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